Who you'll be working with:

William Murtha is an established coach who specializes in restoring your body to its peak performance. He believes that with rigid discipline, customized workouts, and personalized nutrition we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to. William's training style is centered on compound lifting coupled with flow movement so that you will not only reach your aesthetic goals but also achieve new feats of strength and mobility.  



-Spartan SGX Coach

-Animal Flow

-Equinox Tier 2


How Online Training Works

You can begin by selecting either one of our preset programs that have been proven to advance your skills or choose to work directly one on one with William. Preset programs will be set up for you according to your provided, and you will be granted access to all app features for the duration of your program. For one on one coaching, you will need to set up a coaching call with William to discuss your goals and go through a health screening which will allow William to create the most effective program for your body.